About the webinar

Seeking to learn more about Agency in education?

Curious to know how you can create opportunities for more Agency for your students and teachers?

Looking for ways you can provide choice and voice for your students?

Searching for more ways your teachers can have Agency in curriculum selection and customizing content?

Lisa Wimmers and Misty Weber will share fun facts about the importance of Agency in education and how they are working hard to provide multiple opportunities for their programs, teachers, and students to succeed on multiple levels, including:

  • Defining Agency to fully understand the importance of it in education.
  • Learning how to navigate and support Agency in the classroom.
  • Using innovative platforms and curriculum to support the classroom community.
  • Planning for “choice and voice” activities for students to show what they know.
  • Achieving learning goals in programs and classrooms.

Discover how Accelerate Education and Warren County School District’s Virtual Academy are leveraging Agency to create success for their students and teachers.

Learn from the best.

Take the first step towards implementing more chances for Agency across your educational programs and in your classrooms.

This program is suitable for District Administrators, Virtual Administrators, Curriculum Directors, IT Directors, and Classroom Teachers.

About Accelerate Education

With effective programs and the right technology in place, you can transform the traditional classroom into a model of individual personalized learning. Personalized learning ensures every student has the opportunity to succeed and to reach further than ever thought possible.

Accelerate Education is a leading provider of full-time, blended, and online learning solutions for schools across the country. Accelerate offers a rich, engaging, customizable curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet state standards. With a robust K-12 catalog that boasts more than 300-course titles and 30,000 discrete learning objects,

Accelerate is able to:

  • Support your program’s online learning needs for core subject areas, electives, and world languages at all levels for grades K through 12.
  • Offer state-certified instructional services.
  • Offer full-time virtual school services such as marketing and enrollment, recruitment & retention, and curriculum materials fulfillment.
  • Offer professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

Start personalizing your learning and teaching today!

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